Monthly Archives: November 2016

Brexit and the European Union Forum

It is a new experience to be unfriended and at this date I have just been unfriended by the European Forum Group on Facebook where I listened much and posted often in recent weeks and months. (I leave it for those who know me to guess the proportion of each!) The risk in mailing to the Forum is being branded with xenophobia and my last flight of fancy has landed me in that camp – or so I surmise from the last transaction.

When asked by a contributor from far-flung Spain if I thought that his native country should send all the British there back home – some 200K by his account – my answer was an enthusiastic “Yes”! Having seen clips of the action in famed seaside resorts where English “yuff” desports itself in night-clubs and full-length films about the life-style of retired criminals from the Kray Brothers constituency of British society on the Costa de Crime – not to mention the Irish input – I cannot think the Spanish will miss them very much, unless they prove essential to the sustenance of the housing market. Continue reading