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Dee-Dee and the Unruly Student

Provost's Letter

New whine in old battles

How to tell students not to act up in their dormitory town? This is to my mind an interesting example on the ‘how-not-to’ side of the question. 

The Provost of Cromore College on the banks of the lovely Bann is full cry – employing her distinctive brand of social worker-ese to forewarn Freshers of the dire consequences should they drop their sweetie-papers in the scenic landscape where the campus was set down like a jam factory forty years ago – or turn up the volume on their boomboxes during Drunken and Promiscuous Parties in Portrush or Portstewart.

It must be said that DPPs seem an obvious desideratum for a student body training to provide the leadership cadre of Ulster society in the future. But the Provost takes a different view. “I must advise you, in the strongest possible terms”, says our sweet-faced disciplinarian, “that the University takes these issues extremely seriously. Under its Ordinances and Regulations, the University will act fairly but firmly when students step outside acceptable behaviour.” Continue reading