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Antrim Barracks: The Way Forward

We have been reading a bit about the failed attempt in 2005 to set up an Inquiry Tribunal which would ‘licence’ those found guilty of serious offences on either side during the Troubles. Ironically this was shot down by the IRA when it became apparent that members of the Security Forces would enjoy the same exemption from custodial sentences as the paramilitary groups on either side.

"Admiring the bog"

“Admiring the bog”

As matters stand, the PSNI have to pursue all clues to known murders. Following the release of the Hughes tapes by Boston College under legal duress, there appears to be a prima facie case against Gerry Adams that he ordered the ‘disappearance’ of Joan McConville – if not the killing also.

Mr. Adams has always flatly denied membership of the IRA whereas the British Government who dealt with him officially in this capacity – like the dogs in the street – know otherwise. The use of ‘denial’ and false swearing is of course an accepted ploy in Irish politics since de Valera took the oath of loyalty. Probably Peter Robinson didn’t join a gang armed and primed to ‘invade’ the Republic either. (No drink taken, of course.)  Continue reading